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  • Rachel Diamond

Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This One Simple Step.

BREATHE! Something so simple (and readily available) can actually be incredibly impactful. Our breathing patterns can tell us so much about our state of being. Chances are in the moment of distress, without even knowing it, you are likely holding your breath, or taking short, shallow, tight, or restricted breaths. This occurs because we have triggered a stress reaction in our bodies – that fight or flight response. This results in even more physiological and psychological symptoms of stress and worry. And before we know it, we are stuck in a spiraling loop of even more worry and stress. So do yourself a favor, take a moment for a deliberate, slow, deep belly breath when you are feeling overwhelmed. This can trigger a relaxation response that helps to slow it all down. It won’t make all your worries go away, but it can help you better manage it. Try it, you have nothing to lose, but only a breath to gain.



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