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Life can be hard, but you don't need to struggle through it alone. 
I am here to help you forge a new path on your journey toward health and wellness.


People come to therapy for all different reasons. Perhaps you are feeling some discomfort or dis-ease, which may be getting in the way of your daily activities, relationships, or ability to focus. You may have concerns about or a desire to change unwanted behaviors, moods, or habits, or maybe you are just feeling like something is not quite right. Or perhaps you are simply interested in learning and understanding more about yourself. Whatever may be going on, I am hear to help.

I provide therapy for adults, adolescents, and couples. I specialize in mindfulness and mind-body pathways to wellness, and have expertise in college mental health, group psychotherapy, and psychological assessment.

I help those struggling with a variety of concerns and issues, including:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Major Life Transitions/Changes 

  • Interpersonal/Relational Difficulties

  • Trauma

  • Identity, Self-esteem

  • Familial Conflict

  • Body Image

  • Grief, Loss, and Illness

  • Goals, Life Direction

I am licensed in both NY and NJ. I am also authorized to practice interjurisdictional telepsychology (via PSYPACT), which enables me to provide telehealth services to clients across the US.


Ready when you are! Feel free to call or email. You’re welcome any time.


Phone: 929-256-4791

Thanks for your message!

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